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Please fasten your seatbelt, sit back and enjoy the business trip of a lifetime!
Destination: Business success.

‘Up’ is an innovative new Xero-based product designed to help small and medium-size business owners better understand their business results and use that knowledge to make their business fly. Bishop Toomey Pfeifer is a well-established Xero-centric accounting firm known for its innovative products and client-centred services.

Up’ is its latest innovation aimed at increasing small business owners’ understanding of the inherent advantages of Xero and how to profit from it. Xero has alternatively been described as the world’s ‘easiest accounting’ system; ‘simple and smart’; ‘simplifying finances’ and ‘beautiful accounting software’ by Xero users across a diverse range of small businesses, from cafes to motivational speakers to advertising agencies, and everything in-between.

Having used Xero for almost a decade in its own business, Bishop Toomey Pfeifer has been encouraging clients to switch to this outstanding user-friendly software. (BTP is in the top 10% of Xero Advisors in New Zealand.) However, the more the folk at BTP have worked with Xero-users, the more they’ve realised that most clients are only scratching the surface when it comes to fully understanding and benefitting from the advantages of Xero.

So, to help clients better understand what drives business profitability and show them how to use this knowledge to maximise their business results, Bishop Toomey Pfeifer is proud to introduce its unique new range of Xero-based ‘Up’ products ‘Upskill’, ‘Upgrade’ and ‘Uplift’. We know that every business has different needs and its owners have different expectations of their accountants.

But all business owners share one common goal: they want their business to succeed and be as profitable as possible. ‘Up’ can make that happen! BTP has taken its clients to the ‘cloud’. Now, ‘Up’ will show you how to make your business results soar. ‘Up’ currently offers three different plans to give every client the option of choosing how high they’d like to take their business- and the most direct route to get there.

This entry level plan is for Xero-only subscribers who want to get more out of their accounting software by up-skilling themselves and their in-house administrative support
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This "Up" plan offers our Xero-based "frequent flyers" many valuable add-ons depending on which class they're seated in on our flight to business success
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Knowledge is power. The third plan in our exciting "Up" offer is a unique coaching programme to empower entrepreneurs with useful knowledge to make their businesses fly
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