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The crew at Bishop Toomey Pfeifer is committed to add value to its clients’ businesses with new and innovative programmes and processes. Its ongoing ‘flight’ analysis shows that many business owners ‘fly ‘Economy Class’ in terms of the accounting services they currently use. Others require more input and services from their accountants and prefer ‘flying Business Class’. Ideally BTP wants to upgrade all its clients to ‘fly First Class’ by showing them how to use every accounting tool at their disposal to optimise and maintain business success. The three ‘Up’ plans currently on offer have been designed to meet the specific requirements of each business owner, based on their current knowledge and understanding of the financial model of their business. Have a look at these ‘Up’ options. Then contact Bishop Toomey Pfeifer so that together you can work out the most beneficial ‘flight path’ to success for your business.

Our UPskill products are all about helping you get the most out of your business tools. We deliver both classroom and online style training for the following topics:

XERO UPSKILL: This training focuses on utilising the budgeting and reporting features in Xero to help ensure you get the most out of it as a financial management tool.

As a participant in our training programmes you will also receive our regular tips and tricks emails and access to our monthly Q&A webinars where you can ask any question you like about Xero and be confident that you are getting an answer from a leading Xero expert.

Topics being developed:

  • Evernote
  • Productivity
  • Time Management
  • Basecamp
  • ReceiptBank
  • Business Planning

Please contact us to discuss this more with you.

This ‘Up’ plan offers our Xero-based ‘frequent flyers’ many valuable insights by us working alongside you to help increase your understanding of your business’s financial model through budgeting, reporting and forecasting using Xero.

UPGRADE – Preparation of a 12-month financial forecast (or budget) based on your business goals; monthly reporting with an online or face-to-face meeting to discuss your results and forecast.

Please contact us to discuss this more with you.

Knowledge is power. The third plan in our exciting ‘Up’ offer is a unique coaching programme to empower entrepreneurs with useful knowledge to make their businesses fly:

  • A quarterly business mastery workshop.
  • Monthly webinars with expert guests speaking on relevant business topics.
  • A personal monthly online meeting to discuss and update strategic objectives.

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